GeniusLIFE specializes in helping people reach their full potential in life, spirit, sport, business, and body! If you are a rare person who wants to do rare things in your life – you have found the right place! Please explore and email us if you have any questions!


These are products created to help people achieve happiness and success.

  • Become an Apex Predator
  • How to lead a Rare Life
  • Overcome Jealousy
  • How to become a Man
  • Getting over a Break-up FREE

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GeniusSPACE is a website devoted to personal development classes. We reach out to the very best teachers, coaches, and mentors in the world to provide our courses. Visit today and check it out!

Meditation and mindfulness are rightly popular – but the truth is most successful people visualization more than they meditate or practice mindfulness! VizzyGenius is a website dedicated to visualizing.


These products help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their maximum potential through psychology.


101 Lessons and Skills – mental and technical – every entrepreneur needs to know!



These products help athletes achieve their maximum potential through psychology.

This is a program helps you put it all together on game day! It is for any athlete in any sport: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, even gaming. The goal of this program is to simply help you calm your mind, especially right before the game so that you can get into the zone!

A brain training program made for golfers, guaranteed to drop scores by 4 strokes in 30 days or less. It has an in-depth training program and daily drills that are highly acclaimed by golfing experts.

A brain training program for basketball players, over 100 audios, will increase shooting percentage, confidence, and help athletes get into the zone more and more frequently.

A brain training program made for gamers that focuses on improving a player’s confidence, composure, and concentration using a variety of cognitive drills and techniques.

This program was specifically designed to dramatically decrease or eliminate pre-game jitters! Highly powerful!

A brain training program made for gamers that focuses on improving a player’s confidence, composure, and concentration using a variety of cognitive drills and techniques.

More sports coming soon:

Baseball, Softball, Football, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis


These products are designed to help athletes explore their physical potential.

The world’s first ever vertical jump program that basketball players can easily follow along with. Coming November 2017.

The world’s first ever vertical jump program that volleyball players can easily follow along with. Coming November 2017.

A program to dramatically 40 yard dash times for football players! Coming January 2018.


These are products to help those who want to have amazing fitness and health.

This is a program dedicated to entering the fitness industry in the India.


The world’s first home fitness program which in corporates psychological training! It will help you finish the program!


These are products that explore and enhance politics and intelligence.


a.k.a. “The Unbias” Report


These products are add-ons without our various other products, including but not limited to VertGenius, GeniusHOOPS, and GeniusLIFE.

This is a mental training program to help you finish the program. We train your mind and body!

Here we give you hints to help your body recover so you feel good day to day, work out to work out.

A mini workout you can do at your desk to improve your vertical jump!

What do you do when you finish the program to maintain your gains? This is the answer!

One of the great things about jumping higher is not just dunking, but being able to do some crazy lay-ups! This course will help you.

This will teach you how to land properly to avoid injury and also how to improve your vertical!

One way to start to unlock the potential of your body is to learn how to master the cold – cold water and cold weather.

Improve your shooting form by using our tried and true form program. This is created in collaboration with Swishes Only.

Our creatine supplement to improve athletic performance.

Learn how to use your mind to shoot better – instantly!

Here are hints or secrets we have created that help athletes – it will blow your mind.

You want to stay in the air longer? This program is going to teach you via using interesting jumping form and a bit of slight of eye!

Many More Coming Soon




In Your Face (Invention)

Ball Buddy (Invention)


This is branded as DanceBabe.com and DanceBro.com.


In 2019, we will publish our first titles.

This is a 2400 square foot studio rented out in Manhattan for parties and creative projects.

A small jewelry line that embodies our ethos.


We are using video to change the dog walking industry.

We just love animals so much at GeniusLIFE, we have started a few companies to take care of pets!


(Coming soon!)


10% of all profits will be donated to charity.

GeniusWAR + GeniusHEAL

Programs helped to overcome PTSD and other programs to assist with healing.